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Maria Isabel Perez is a professional singer and songwriter who performs locally and within Andalusia and other regions of Spain using the name of MABEL.  She has co-written songs with Jesus Seco, an example of which can be found on youtube and another music page on this site. She also sings with other professional keyboard players and with professional musicians from Almeria.
From time to time, I will be adding selections of all their music with links to interesting musical websites here in Spain.

(Photographs by Gordon Maddock, Estudio Campana. )

Please make sure you re-visit this page regularly to enjoy their music.

Whilst viewing this page, Maribel will be singing to you whilst you enjoy the wonderful musical experience of a summer's evening here in Spain!

More examples will be added please keep returning to listen and comment in the guest book if you so wish

Who says our younger generations are not talented and wonderful?

" hasta luego amigos !"

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