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Page 16 Portraits.

Proud father Pedro with portrait of daughter.
Alicia. Oils on canvas. June 2013

I don't usually paint portraits. They are a challenge for me, but I try!


I photographed this seņorita from a nearby village. I then painted the portrait using watercolours.   She has the original.


In the above, I have used a semi-cartoon style for the senorita in a coffee bar. ( watercolour with pen and ink. )

Both painted with watercolours on paper and outlined with pen and ink and gloss varnished to give the oil painting effect. I also painted the portrait of a restaurant owner's son in a similar manner. It's an example of different use and combination of materials.  My own self portrait in the other estudiocampana website is in oils on canvas and was painted from a photograph.

Portrait of Fiona Faith Ross
Painted in oils in 1999 at Estudio Campana.