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Resident artist........Gordon Maddock.
If you don-t start a painting, you will never finish it!

Estudio Campana is located near Almeria in Southern Spain. Dedicated mainly to art in all forms, traditional painting methods, book writing and musical composition. I want you to share it with me and communicate your personal interests.

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: All types of music
Favorite book: Autobiographies
Favorite food: Any non fattening foods!

My Hobbies

I am an artist, member of the Society of All Artists, an author, having written and published three books and a musician who writes songs. I am a member of the International Guild of Songwriters and Composers. I enjoy travel and meeting people of all races, colours and creeds.

Most Admired

My family and work colleagues of the past.

Favorite Links

Any site devoted to art.


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